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Driving Lessons Cramlington-Accidents

Driving Lessons Cramlington-Accidents
Recently I have observed a number of accidents in the Cramlington area. On the East Cramlington road, the Spine road, Annitsford roundabout. (No surprises there). What has been particularly odd about them, was I arrived moments after the accident in each instance. Almost spooky, how close it was.
I wondered whether I was fortunate in terms of timing, or being reminded of the consequences of getting my job right? I endeavour to promote safety and good driving practice, as I hope all

Driving Lessons Whitley Bay- Instructors

Driving Instructors
We have a duty to do things right and to set an example to others. Afterall we are supposed to be teaching people how to do things correctly. Yet almost on a daily basis my students and I see driving Instructors abusing their position or flouting rules and laws. Possibly they feel they do not apply to them, or they are above all that but they miss the fact , that they are being observed by others and they are setting a bad example of our industry, both to the public and especially to their students.

The Worlds Gone Mad

In the past week I have witnessed a series of scary driving scenarios. First whilst I was waiting in a traffic jam due to an accident. I watched an elderly woman decide to do a 3 point turn on a slip road joining the dual carriageway. Only to then block the entry of an emergency ambulance, trying to get to the crash site.
I took photos of the event because, frankly I would have doubted anyone telling me what I was witnessing. The one catagery of person who probably has more time on their hands than the rest of us shows the least level of patience and lack of regard for others.
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