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Driving Lessons Whitley Bay-Xmas Gift Vouchers

Driving Lessons Whitley Bay-Xmas Gift Vouchers
Driving Lessons Whitley Bay-Xmas Gift Vouchers
Once again, the subject  of what to get for Xmas comes on the scene.
At this time every year people buy Gift vouchers for Xmas as presents. Parents and Grandparents buying Driving Lessons vouchers for there Children or Grand Children. I frequently have "Under 17 Club" Driver training sessions on Boxing Day to accomadate the Driving lessons gift cards, received the day before. 
A recent news item identified areas where employment need skills.

Driving Lessons Whitley Bay-Bogus Test companies

Driving Lessons Whitley Bay-Bogus Test Companies

Driving Lessons Whitley Bay-Bogus Test Companies

During recent weeks a number of people have asked about booking, their Theory or Practical Driving tests.

It's very important that people take care when doing this, as there are websites that take advantage of... innocent intentions. The outcome can be you give your personal details to a third party, that clearly identifies itself as "Official Driving Test Booking Service". BEWARE

When in fact it is not.

A Big Thank You

A special thank you to all the people who have taken the time to visit the website,www.fastpassnortheast.co.ukwho have left comments or made contact with me via e-mail and phone recently.
It is particularly satisfying to hear and see so many nice responses to the website and the blogs. I would have liked to have replied personally to each, but their have been so many that, I would have to take a week off work to do so.
It,s a busy time for everyone as we inevitably approach Xmas once more, and I find the request for Gift vouchers for lessons starts in earnest.

Birthday Party

Saturday saw another Birthday party for Fastpass. Bethan and her friends enjoyed a few hours learning to drive. Apparently it beats shopping, so Im told.
Bethan and friendsThey were great fun to teach, and all did extremely well at all the exercises.

Christmas Is Coming

What to get for the boy or girl who has everything? The annual question for parents each year. They have have the TV, the computer, the I pod/ I phone, the multiple variety of games machines.
In the past week I have had 7 requests for gift vouchers for driving lessons for Christmas. Three the previous week, so it seems the switched on parents are providing a gift with life skills to benefit their children.
When you consider that they can learn from 14 year old, it provides something different for them than the traditional gift, something that's ongoing, as opposed to forgotten on Boxing day.

Making a Difference

I aim to make a difference through promoting road safety. Whether I'm teaching a student how to be safer on the roads, or promoting road safety in schools to teenagers. The earlier we speak to students the more likely we can have a positive influence on their future driving behaviour. Hence my Under 17 Course.
I would like to share a story today. It goes as follows: The Star Thrower.
A young girl was walking on a beach where thousands of starfish had been washed up during a storm. When she came to each starfish, she would pick it up and throw it back into the ocean.
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