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Gift Vouchers

Christmas Is Coming

What to get for the boy or girl who has everything? The annual question for parents each year. They have have the TV, the computer, the I pod/ I phone, the multiple variety of games machines.
In the past week I have had 7 requests for gift vouchers for driving lessons for Christmas. Three the previous week, so it seems the switched on parents are providing a gift with life skills to benefit their children.
When you consider that they can learn from 14 year old, it provides something different for them than the traditional gift, something that's ongoing, as opposed to forgotten on Boxing day.

A- Level results

Congratulation to those people who got their results today. Hope you all got what you wished for.
I was asked for a gift card today as a reward for a daughters success in exam results. It struck me as a nice gesture for all the hard work that had been put in to acheive a desired result.
Apparently she had expressed a wish to learn to drive, but had concentrated on study so the prize of the gift voucher for driving lessons, would be a nice surprise.

Gift Vouchers

I often find as we move towards Autumn, that Parents and Grandparents start to wonder, what to get, "The young man or lady that has everything?" Difficult as they usually have all the gadgets and games consuls allready.
A practical choice for the teens in your life might well be a gift that provides them with a sense of responsibility, a chance to be independent, teaches them to be safe when away from you, may even assisst them in getting a job, save you from your taxi duties.
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