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Driving Tips

Fastpass Quiz

Driving Lessons Whitley Bay.

Q: What is the sequence of lights after Red. At a Traffic light?


Free Theory Training at Fastpass

Fastpass school of motoring.
Theory Quiz. Join in to test your knowledge.

1.What happens to the center line, as the road nears a junction?
2. What does a mini roundabout sign look like?
3.Which way do you give way to at a junction?


Free Training from Fastpass

Free Theory Training.

Best wishes to everyone from Fastpass school of motoring.
Hope everyone is safe and well. Whilst we can't teach anyone to drive at present. We can assist with learning still. Our objective is to help in any way we can, I know that many students will want to get into driving as quick as possible. As soon as we get the all clear to go back on the roads.
In the meantime if anyone would like assistance with Theory training, please leave a message and we will be happy to help.
Here is a little tester for you: Question: Which light controlled crossing can be used by Cyclists as well as pedestrians?

Failed Driving Test

A recent discussion prompted this, as a student of mine talked of a friends recent test failure. It's not uncommon as the Driving Standards Agency advice's us that on average 50% of tests end that way.
So why do so many fail?
Assuming you have studied hard and practised your skills. You know what to expect on the day. You should know how to handle it. You have done a number of mock tests and ironed out all of the problems before the big day. What can go wrong?
Have you done all of the above?

Driving Tips

Eco driving.
Tips before you drive.
Reduce excess baggage. - Plan journeys. - Don,t warm engine before driving. - Avoid short trips.
Whilst Driving.
Smooth and slow driving.- Check the road ahead.- Stick to speed limits.- Correct gear change. - Reduce engine idling.- Turn off air conditioning.- Avoid opening windows at speed.- Reduce use of electrical devices.
Maintaining the Car.
Check tyre pressure every 2 weeks.- regular servicing.- Correct oil grade.- properly tuned engine.

DSA Video Link

Helpful videos from the Driving Standards Agency.
Preparing for the Theory test or the Practical driving test, these videos can be very helpful.
Access videos through Youtube to help with learning.Just click on link then, type DSA Practical driving test. A selection of videos covering from the Theory test through to the test itself can be viewed.

Check us out where here to help

Welcome to FASTPASS.
Andy, from Blyth, passed 1st time with zero faults.Please feel free to leave a comment if you like what you see.
Check out what others say about FASTPASS.
Or look us up on Facebook.
If you have any queries about learning to drive, we will be happy to assist. Just leave your question and how to contact you and we will get back to you.
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